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A forward-thinking approach to roofing services and maintenance

Who we are

Here at Sealmax Roofing, we can confidently say that we truly love what we do.

Sealmax Roofing Limited is a leading roofing contractor within Ireland and the UK. We’re proud to say that we are leaders in supporting complete build envelope solutions and that we do so with a smile on our faces and integrity at our core.

With a combined experience of around 90 years, our team are made for this work, and the results most definitely show for it.

We’re the experts in executing perfect roofing solutions, giving impartial advise that has your success at its heart and ensuring that every project receives our full commitment and rigorous attention. 

Enthusiasm. Integrity. Good humour. Teamwork.

These may not be the characteristics you would automatically associate with a roofing company, but they very much summarise our attitude, our ethics and our esprit de corps. In fact, this type of positive mindset has helped Sealmax Roofing Limited to become a leading UK and Ireland contractor for complete build envelope solutions.

This means that the Sealmax Roofing team on your side, you can expect complete loyalty, impartial advice based on proven experience, rigorous attention to detail and firm commitment to meeting your timescales and budgets. You’ll probably also enjoy a fair bit of craic!


Complete build envelope solutions

As reputable and qualified contractors, we can provide a full range of building envelope solutions including:

  • Built Up Roofing (BUR), Single PLY Roofing, EPDM Roofing & Torch On Roofing
  • Roof Gardens, Slate Roofing & Green Roofing
  • Tanking Roofing Systems, Roof Panelling & Curtain Wall Waterproofing

We know this work and we know it well. With every team member well versed in all of the technical specs, all of our work is completed to the highest standards and rivals our global competitors.


Technical excellence

We bring a level of technical innovation to projects that cannot be matched.

Our team is comprised of forward-thinking innovators that are devoted to constant growth and upskilling. Because of this, there truly is no project too large and no task too difficult.


Consider our work on the new Trans-Atlantic terminal at Dublin Airport, where we installed a full build-up Felt System to a modular structure. Our challenge was to undertake part-fitment in the factory and complete the final elements of the installation on site. This highly innovative fitting was a major success and the first of its kind to be done anywhere on the island of Ireland.

We're committed to keeping you safe

You’re in safe hands with Sealmax Roofing Limited and so is everyone who works with us and for us.

All of our team members have a shared passion for maintaining high standards of health and safety when it comes to their work. When installing your roofing systems, the safety of the team, the individuals on site and everyone that will avail of the system long after we have gone, is of our utmost concern.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with professional, high quality roofing services that solve problems in the present and prevent issues in the future.  As a direct response to dynamic markets and changing customer demands, Sealmax roofing is committed to continuous innovation through the evolution of its processes and the adaptation of its services in order to better serve a diverse range of clientele in Ireland both north and south as well as our local area.


Our Values

Sealmax roofing believes in demonstrating the values and morals of its team members through the services we provide.     

 1. We are a company based on integrity.

We stand by our work and are committed to providing a roofing service you can trust and rely on.

2. We are innovative.

As new technologies emerge and fresh products enter the market, Sealmax roofing is among the first to learn, adapt and avail of new methods and products.

3. Quality is of the utmost importance to us.

We are devoted to our craft and the quality of every project. We pledge to always provide the most ideal, cost-effective and long-term roofing solutions for our clients.

4. We respect every client and every team member fully.

Every person that engages with Sealmax Roofing is treated with respect. We believe in equality and are devoted to creating a warm and friendly atmosphere for all.

5. We complete every project with determination and focus.

Our ethos is that of hard work and finding solutions for every problem. We vow to approach every project with a positive attitude and a solutions-focused outlook.


To find out more, call Sealmax Roofing now.

Armagh Office : +44 (0) 28 3718 0028

Dublin Office : +353 (0) 1485 3977

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