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Preventative Maintenance really is better than a cure

Sealmax Guardian Preventative Maintenance Programme

Your roofing system probably comprises about 30% of the total building envelope, yet most of the time we ignore it. Year in, year out, it does its job, keeping the elements at bay, ensuring an optimum ambient temperature and protecting 100% of your business assets.

Have you considered the impact a roof failure would have on your business operations, your tenants, your stock, your staff and ultimately, your profits? Whether you’re storing valuable inventory, equipment/assets, or running a small business, a roof leak is a costly affair.

Here’s the good news.

Our Sealmax Guardian Preventative Maintenance Programme can help you save money over your roof’s lifetime. Our rigorously-trained service technicians undertake a thorough inspection of your roof, prioritizing and repairing distresses according to their severity. On completion, your invoice includes a detailed report specifying all of the work that has been undertaken, along with before and after digital images.

The Sealmax Guardian Preventative Maintenance Programme is designed to get to the heart of any issues quickly and effectively and to ensure that your maintenance budget goes directly to repairs. That is why there is no costly inspection report or audit fee. Together we will agree on a predetermined cost limit, meaning you’ll only ever pay only for the time and materials required to complete the job.

This simple and effective approach to roof maintenance helps you to avoid damaging and costly repercussions and brings these immediate benefits:

  • Avoids costly emergency or crisis repairs
  • Allows continuity of your business – no costly downtime and/or clean ups
  • Keeps your products free from damage
  • Maintains a safe and healthy working environment
  • Prevents expensive structural damage to your building
  • Ensures that all interior finishes stay in tip-top condition & free from damage
  • Maintains the integrity of your roof’s warranty

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