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Green Roofs

Living, breathing, sustainable roofs

Whether you are a forward-thinking architect, a concerned building owner, an environmentally aware developer or a green-fingered private individual, green roofs offer a solution that is aesthetically pleasing, commercially viable, environmentally beneficial and functionally sound.  Fortunately, we are among the small number of companies with the expertise to transform the vacant space on your roof into an attractive, natural landscape with social, economic and environmental benefits.

So…what is a ‘green’ roof?

Imagine the roof of your commercial building covered in a luxuriant layer of low maintenance plants such as grass and sedums that actually help to reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality and cut down on energy consumption. This is a ‘green’ or ‘living roof’ and it in essence it comprises a range of suitable plants set in a growing medium and planted over a waterproofing membrane on top of your roof.


Economic & environmental benefits

Every year, Sealmax Roofing is helping to add to the ever-growing number of green roofs throughout Ireland and the UK. We are committed to encouraging the adoption of green roofs wherever possible for two primary reasons. Firstly, they offer an array of environmental benefits such as absorbing rain water, reducing the urban heat island, capturing pollutants and atmospheric deposits and providing a natural habitat for local wildlife. Secondly, and setting environmental sentiments aside, there are strong economic benefits to be reaped from choosing a professionally installed green roof system.


  • Capital Cost Savings: Green roofs create natural insulation and enhance a building’s energy performance. This means cost savings from reduced cooling and heating requirements
  • Roof longevity: the plant layers of a living roof protect waterproofing membranes from damaging UV light and harsh temperature changes. It is estimated that a professionally installed green roof system can increase the roof’s lifespan by up to three times.

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